Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shock of a Lifetime

Wow- the past 24 hours have been a whirlwind to say the least. I think I am still in some sort of state of shock but I am slowly emerging. Some major details have been ironed out and my feet are once again touching the ground.

What is this earth shattering news you ask? Well I am pregnant as shocking as that is in itself, we found out yesterday that I am pregnant with not one bundle of joy but TWO. That's right folks, TWINS! Okay pick your jaw off of the floor, right now, its not funny and I am not kidding! This is for real, no hidden cameras, no funny reality show prank, nope two little ones due in Feb!

So for posterity sakes lets recap a little of how this all went down. A little behind the scenes action (don't worry we will skip over the bedroom part)! I am sure all of my loyal readers remember this post so the fact that I am even pregnant means I have come a long way. I have. I have realized that nothing is for forever, things pass and everything that I am afraid of is not permanent. I control my feelings and if I don't want to be stuck at home and resentful I hold the power to change that, and by gosh I will do just that........even with three kids!

Okay so back to the good stuff. Michael Buble (the nickname for the huz) and I decided to start "trying" this summer, well besides the fact that Michael is the finest man alive, he actually has "super sperm" as I like to call it! It only took the first month- bam pregnant. I kept it a secret for a few days from Michael because I wanted to tell him on Father's Day. That morning the three footer and I bought a honey bun and wrote on a card, "Here is a honey bun from your new bun in the oven." On second thought I should have put two honey buns on there! He was ecstatic and so surprised! Great memory! I was a little over four weeks at the time, still very early. We decided we would not tell anyone (family and friends included) until 12 weeks.

Fast forward two weeks to July 4th. We had just gone to the neighborhood parade and got back to find what every pregnant person fears. So called the dr and she said hold tight until Monday. I went to the dr that following Monday and everything was good, one baby one heartbeat, unexplained bleeding. I was put on modified bed rest and told just take it easy.

Two weeks later I was soooooooo excited for my huz's concert. I had literally waited since Feb when I bought the tickets for it. As I got up to go shower, I found what looked to be a slaughtered pig, it wasn't. I was crushed, I feared the worst. Needless to say I missed the concert and returned to the Dr. the next day to find the same thing, one baby one heartbeat and a hematoma that was causing the bleeding. Okay nothing super serious, keep on the modified bed rest just wait. Let's add that modified bed rest is hard when your husband travels each week, I'm just sayin!

So we finally come to yesterday, back to the dr. Still having on and off bleeding and I just want to make sure everything is okay! The dr again finds one baby, one heartbeat and the hematoma. Only this time she thinks that maybe the hematoma is an empty sac. Maybe it was twins but only one fully developed. Okay I can handle that. So she proceeds to keep looking around and finds yet another sac. This time though I knew there was a baby in there. I immediately said- another one??? She said yes I think its twins or triplets! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I might have had a heart attack right there and maybe just maybe I told the dr to stop moving the ultrasound around I mean how many more where there!

She sent us up the the high risk dr and he confirmed just twins (just....ha!). The third "sac" is the hematoma so I still have to take it easy!

I mean what a day, what a whirlwind, what a ride this is going to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay tuned!


beebee said...

Congratulations! Double the trouble and infinite fun!

Paige said...

Congratulations! We are so excited for you guys!

the spicer blog said...

Found your blog through Kara Wilson's! I had twins 3 months ago, and have a 4 year old daughter. I know you are overwhelmed, excited, and every emotion in between! It can be done, and you will even have fun doing it! I would love to talk to you sometime- in the meantime I will keep reading your blog!!!