Thursday, August 5, 2010

Party of Five

Wow just the title takes my breath away just a bit. It is slowly sinking in that we will soon be a family of five but wow still a bit shocking. Sure I have had my freak out moments such as OMG we have to get a ginormous car, we better travel as much as we can until these babies are 2 because then WHOA, and probably the funniest ones have been just trying to imagine daily life with two babies and a toddler. I mean can I just grow octopus arms right now because apparently I am going to need them! Um how in the world do you take two infants and a toddler to the grocery story? Do I rent one of those flatbed carts like they have at Costco and just strap everyone down? Ugh the thought just makes my head spin!

However we are SUPER excited. It is going to be an adventure nonetheless. We have already begun the process of lining up help! At this time I would like to make a Public Service Announcement that if you could recommend a night nanny that would be awesome. Email me, phone me, send a telegram....we are on the hunt and taking names! I feels as if the key to survival in the first few months will be help. I already have someone five days a week during the day lined up now the nights are my main concern. And stop for one second before you judge (believe me I have already had more than a few comments) but hey my husband is here um maybe one or two nights a week and I will have TWO newborns....a night nanny is simply a no brainer for the first few months. No need to hear about husbands wonderful night sleep in a hotel each night while I am looking like a character out of the Thriller music video! NO NEED!

Let's move onto something fun like the fact that my clothes are already getting tight. Um that's awesome the babies weigh mere ounces and somehow my stomach looks like Jaba the Hut! If you did not see me pregnant the first time are in store for a treat this time. Double the fun, lets just not hope double the fatness! Ill just put it out there that I gained 50 lbs with my son...should we take bets on the weight gain this time? My boss seems to be aiming at a rounded 100- hmmmm I might die of fatness!

So the clothes are getting a little snug and the babes are doing well. I went to the doctor yesterday and had a little Skype convo with them. They were good. Baby A was chillin for the most part while Baby B was showing off his (reference I call both babies him just because that is what I am use to) dance moves. I guess A got jealous because he quickly joined the party. Great technology that I can chat with the kids this early. Their friend the big red annoying blob was still being a groupie and trying to hang out with them but it looked like blob did not get any bigger and so far has stayed at bay (you girls know what I mean!). Still on the modified bed rest- Ill be honest its boring and I want nothing more than to run around with the two year old but it will all be worth it! Family and nanny are a true god send right now!

So here are a few funny tidbits that I have learned in my short few weeks about carrying twins:

-You have to double everything...including those dreaded prenatal vitamins......ickkkkk. They make me so sick at the most random times and I don't like them one little bit. They are the size of a caterpillar, why must I ingest two everyday!

-You get to Skype with the babies every time you go to the Dr. I have already done it 6 times! its awesome! And every other week I get to go to the Steve Jobs high tech version of Skype and see the twinks on a huge screen. Super cool!

-I heard a reference that twins in your uterus is like a clown car. I am going to adopt that saying as I totally agree. I love every time when my Dr. says, "Wow, your uterus is big", um could it be due to the fact that I have TWO babies in there....hmmmm.

-Someone told me that twins are only given to those that can handle it. Ohhhh geez well lets check back in about 7 months and see how that is going. Those who know how well I slid into the motherhood role can only just laugh right now. I forever feel as if my new look will be Monica from Friends on her Jamaican getaway with the hair that was stinking out five feet on all sides. However it will not be the humidity that will cause my crazy look! Good times!

So there you have it, a few observations and musings over the past week. Get excited about me updating this more often. I want to remember this crazy journey as well as....well I am sitting around all the time and I tell you I do have to take a break from online shopping and every now and then!


Donnell Days said...

You absolutely crack me up!! You definitely need a night nanny and I think octupus arms are a great idea also...let me know if you find those! :)

Paige said...

Annie - I loved this post! I've been thinking about you and hoping that you are doing well! Take care and I hope to see you soon!

Summer said...

This is great, I'm really looking forward to following your journey through the blog. You will do GREAT! Although I think you and the hubs will have to nix the moving every couple of years once these guys come out! ;-)