Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Man

I should be packing but as shocking as it is, I am procrastinating! Hmmm, oh well it will get done eventually. This morning I just wanted to take a few minutes out to talk about my man. He doesn't get enough publicity as he should and I wanted to remember the emotions that we have felt right now and honestly for the past few months!

My man got a very big job promotion yesterday. I just wanted to brag on him and give him the props he deserves. He has made it to this position in 6 short years which is unprecedented. I wish I had the right words to say how proud of him I am and to convey how far he has come. I think the realization is setting in today that I no longer hold the title of big dog around here! ha! Don't worry I am not about to complete lose it and start cooking and cleaning- nah, that would be going way to far. ha!

Ole Boy (my name for the huz)- we are so proud of you and get ready for one crazy celebration- limo style! The champagne is ready (yellow label of course! :)


Katie said...

That's awesome news!! I'm so happy for your family! Enjoy the celebrating!!!

Caroline said...

Congrats Brian! Very exciting! Are we invited to this promo shindig? Maybe you should celebrate wild-style in the Big Easy?!

Charlotte said...

WAY TO GO!!! Of course I would expect nothing less from Michael Buble!!! So happy for you guys!