Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Good Laugh

Welcome to what is turning out to be my weekly Thursday morning post. I like to pretend I write for a flashy sophisticated newspaper that headlines my weekly column on the front page. Maybe a little Sex in the City dreaming. Just imagine I am sitting at the bay window of my fabulous NYC penthouse apartment sipping freshly made Brazilian coffee (hence the caffeine high) typing the most riveting column that you have anxiously been waiting for all week long. I like to think that is how it is happening!

So last night I had some really good laughs. The laughs that feel like medicine for your soul. For some reason this week I have been really homesick. Weird because I am not out of town or even out of my normal routine but I have been longing to be home with the little guy. I am chalking it up to a slow/boring week on the work front and therefore being at home would be time better spent. I also attribute it to the slow down of house excitement (please reference the previous post) in that the bidding game really is fun and now that the deals are negotiated all is quiet for a few weeks!

But anyway back to the good laugh! I had dinner with two good friends and their children last night and honestly I felt like a new person on my drive home. Those of you who know my fabulous life know that I drive. I drive A LOT. That issue is soon to be resolved but the driving does afford me a lot of thinking time. On the way home I thought about how much better I felt. These girls are genuine, honest and have similar thoughts and beliefs that I do. I tend to think I am crazy most of the time and they reassured me that they have similar thoughts! Not that they are crazy also, just think the same way sometimes! ha! Very comforting I must say.

It is nice to know that other people occasionally feel socially awkward or laugh internally during conversations the same way I do. Laughter really is great medicine. Being the inappropriate laughter in the group sometimes is hard and it was so fun to hear other stories and understanding that whew, I am not alone! ha!

One topic that we all had a good laugh about was pet peeves. Not just your average finger nails on the chalkboard pet peeves but your abnormal ones that make your skin crawl. Okay so I will share mine. It irritates the living ..... out of me when people drive across empty parking lots. Just go up and down the aisles, don't cheat and drive across four rows. I literally want to ram my car (figuratively of course) into cars that do that. Just follow the rules! One of the other girls go bananas when people do not obey four way stop traffic rules. Watch out, she just might be carrying a dart gun the next time you are at a four way stop!

Pet peeves are a funny thing if you start to think about it, I mean where do they originate. Did we all have a bad experience that created the pet peeve. Funny. Words tie into my pet peeves. One of my friends posted a word pet peeve on facebook and what ensued could only be described as some sort of word therapy sessions. People were posting word pet peeves right and left. I have never laughed so hard. My own personal word pet peeves are belly (ekk!), gal, womb and supper. Yuck all of them make my skin crawl. A few others that were thrown out on facebook were lunch (makes me laugh every time), panties, deli meat and kids. When someone says a word that I despise, all conversation is lost. My brain starts thinking yuck I don't like that word, thoughts drift to why someone would use that word and social awkwardness ensues as I am totally lost in the conversation. Yep my brain is a funny little working machine!

A good laugh even if internal is sometimes just what you need!!! Just take a moment in your day to think about it and I guarantee you will have a little chuckle!


Ashley Olsen said...

Hahaha!! I do the same thing when someone uses one of the many words that make me cringe...I get all awkward because I can't think of anything else and then I typically start the inappropriate laugh right about then :) I thought of one of my irrational pet peeves finally ...whistling...I hate it, in fact I yell at my mom when she does it! I thought of it today when I was in the fitting room at Nordstrom Rack listening to the attendant and starting to unnecessarily fume, so I started giggling to myself since I couldn't think of anything last night. So glad to have friends to share my crazy with!! :)

Charlotte said...