Monday, November 23, 2009


I have millions of thoughts in my head. So many that I often can not even think about normal thoughts and spend hours day dreaming! Lucky for me I do a lot of driving so that time is mostly consumed by day dreaming (I mean concentrating driving)! After consultation with my many contributors to the book I think I have finally started to formulate main characters.

Through many discussions (those whom will remain secret) I have heard so many stories that just make me think of one thing...thankful! Thankful for the situation that I am lucky enough to be in! I have an amazing husband, an amazing son and I could not ask for more. Writing lets me escape into a world of dreams, imagination and yes, heartbreak. It is a world of reality sandiwched between imagination.

A year ago this week, my family lived a very real reality. A world where CNN became real. You see a year ago this week my dad was in Mumbai, India. He was right in the middle of the terrorist attacks. We were one of those families glued to CNN and scared every time bombs went off, fires started and people were pulled out on a stretcher. We were lucky, he is okay but oh so many were not. I am reminded of just how many things we have to be thankful for. Thankful that my dad decided to have one more drink in his bar hotel before heading over for his dinner reservations in the very hotel that was bombed. Thankful.

As I develop my characters I am trying decide where they will go, what they will do, how they will affect each others lives. It is funny when you really start to evaluate your life and others lives how your perspective can change. I am just thankful today.

Sappy post I know, you will love me for it later! In the meantime, hug everyone a little tighter and be a little kinder!

Until tomorrow........

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Where you been, Lynette?