Thursday, March 25, 2010

Talk to me...

I have had so many great conversations since I posted the previous post yesterday. Lots of good insight and very good perspective. I love it. I am still struggling with where to go, how to proceed but I love hearing other people's thoughts. If you haven't noticed I have decided to drop the whole Hollywood thing, just going to be a plain old boring blog from now on. Just about me and y crazy thoughts though. No pictures and no real identities though. I don't care if you leave your name but those of you that know me- just don't use my name in comments. Mystery is much more fun right!!

So here is something else on my mind lately. The funny things between boys and girls. I first noticed it at the park the other day with the button. This adorable little girl was following him around all over the playground and he could have honestly cared less. All he was into was putting mulch in his pick-up truck. As I sat there watching him I thought oh my gosh it is already starting. This poor little girl just wants his attention, not because he is adorably cute with his white hair and crystal blue eyes, but because she is a girl and just wanted some attention and someone to play with her. He was immersed in his own thing, he did not give her the time of day.

Flash forward two days and we saw a group of boys on the beach throwing the football around. They were having so much fun throwing the football into the water and falling trying to catch it. They would not have even noticed if Air Force One landed right on the beach in front of them. Then as I spanned the beach I noticed a group of four girls standing at the shoreline, giggling, pointing, standing there trying to catch the boys' attention. Finally the football came towards them and the girls scooped it up and teased the boys before letting them have their football back. You could tell that the boys had ZERO interest in flirting with these girls and quickly got back to their game. Again I was so intrigued by this behavior.

We have all been there, waiting at home in the evening staring at the phone, willing it to ring and the boys on the other hand have not thought about it for two seconds. I have been there and I would try to distract myself but you know it never works. Girls are always waiting for boys and torturing ourselves over lack of phone calls or attention and the boys, bless them, don't even notice.

So I just laughed to myself at the park the other day watching the button and this little girl. I just wanted to go over there to her and say, honey it is already starting....even at your little age.


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